The Value of a Pre-Approval

If you're thinking about buying a home, a pre-approval is a fast and simple way to make your home buying experience easier from start to finish.

Our pre-approval is a preliminary evaluation of your financial status that does not include a commitment to giving you a loan. If you qualify, you will receive a pre-approval letter that indicates the amount of financing you have been pre-approved for, subject to complete underwriting review. That means you'll have the benefit of knowing how much home you can afford. In fact, many real estate agents will ask you to get pre-approved before you begin house hunting so they can show you homes that suit your budget.

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For more information, call (877) 886-1174, or click here to get started now – once pre-approved, we will send you a pre-approval letter that shows you the amount you are prequalified to have financed.

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Why Century 21 Mortgage?

Along with Century 21, we bring you a full-service solution

Customers across the country rely on real estate professionals to guide them through the home buying process. Every day, Century 21 Mortgage provides home financing solutions to our customers. And we know we're doing it right: In 2010, 91 percent of the customers we surveyed indicated they would recommend us to friends and family.1

With a wide variety of products to choose from, we'll work to find the mortgage that's right for you.

And, you'll enjoy our competitive service guarantees:

  • We'll close your loan by your requested closing date or we'll pay you $500.2

Contact one of our experienced mortgage representatives at (877) 886-1174 to
find a mortgage that's right for you.

You'll gain buying power with our pre-approval letter

Once you're pre-approved, we'll send you a pre-approval letter that shows you the amount you are prequalified to have financed. That gives you buying power:

  • You'll know which homes are in your range and your Century 21real estate agent will be able to focus your search
  • You'll have the ability make offers, negotiate price and terms, and even sign a contract to buy

To get started, call an experienced mortgage representative at (877) 886-1174, or click here to get started now.

We have one goal: finding the mortgage product that best fits your needs.

You'll have a dedicated mortgage representative to assist you every step of the way. Plus, you can get the information you want regarding the status of your loan 24/7 at our online web site

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12010 "I Would Recommend" survey, for full year 2010.

2Approved, conventional, conforming, purchase loans only. Excludes loans for REO, USDA and short sale properties. Void when delayed closing is required by law. Closing date to be mutually agreed upon between customer and us, and customer must provide all required documentation. Void if delays are caused by 3rd party entities (Appraisal, Title, Verification of Employment...etc). Request for adjustment under guarantee must be made no later than 48 hours after the loan closing.